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Cannot answer that. It is SIMILAR to that on an Alfa Romeo of early '70s vintage but the wire routing is different. Adapting a unit with 12 inputs could keep one off te road for a LONG time until the proper combination is found! A word of advice: before you do ANYTHING, get under there & make a map of where all the colored wires on YOUR car go to on the stock switch. Not all Panteras are wired identically, you know. If yours is malfunctioning, it is likely due entirely to the internal spring which after 3 decades, tends to distort the plastic switch body & allows the internal switch parts to pop out of their grooves. I fixed mine by disassembly & shimming with a dielectric strip. Others have wrapped a worm-type hose clamp aroung the switch body & progressively tightening until the internal parts realign. Tedious but no removal needed. Or, all the vendors stock NOS switches.
I fixed it!...kinda.

I figured by contacting the pink/black to red it will then feed the turn signal switch.

Problem with mine was it would not stay in and was not providing continuity for the above function.

I opened it up and ran a fine dremel stone at low speed over the terminals to 'clean' them up.
Then I wedged a small piece of cardboard behind the copper band that the little arm slides accross as part of the cam mechanism that keeps the button in place.

I now have turn signals...but,when I engage hazzard,no four ways???

Oh well,my needs have been met for now.But I will likely take the member up on one of his new switches once I have taken the time to figure out what is the problem.

Thanks all!
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