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Here are a few specs on #6638
Engine replaced with a stronger 1970 351C
I haven't dyno'd yet but I'm guessing around 340-350 horse and tons of torque
10" campy's on the rear 8" moved to front have original 7" in the garage
group 4 tail lights
interior all original except for the stereo
susp. all redone to factory specs
factory original brakes
the ONLY things I have done so far:
removed wipers (looks way better without them)
replaced original clutch slave tube with braided stainless line
replaced the original air cleaner assem with an open k&n filter
replaced holley carb (I hate holley carbs) with an edelbrock - much more street friendly and a bonus of 2-3 mpg instant improvement
new plugs and wires
upgraded to a modern stereo with USB port (threw all my cassettes away years ago)

None of this was neccessary - the car was pretty much turn key ready to go
Many kudo's to the gentleman in cali who did all the work when he owned this car - beautiful work
6638 has been everything I hoped it would be and then some.
Doug M
Originally posted by Mark Charlton:
Originally posted by a734me:
Ooops, my misunderstanding

Thanks for the offer of help and advice. I'm sure I will have a ton of quetions over the winter months.
Doug M

I see you got the photo thing resolved. Your car looks fantastic! Please post some more so we can savour the details. Do try to connect with Peter — he is the official Western-Canada DeTomaso guru.

I am absolutely pleased as can be that you are enjoying your Pantera. I am at the same time grateful that you have taken the time to share your joy with us. Reading feedback like this makes the hard work invested in this hobby worthwhile and rewarding. It helps motivate me to keep on doing it, and to keep trying to do better.

If you would like to do a new owner story for the magazine, let me know.

Keep enjoying that Pantera,

Blake: Did you make it to the ZR X-mas party? It's been so long since the one time I met you that we probably walked right past each other and didn't recognize one another. BTW, I was the guy in the tuxedo trying to look like Daniel Craig in Casino Royale but succeeding only in looking like a cross between a penguin and Ron Jeremy.

I'm very sorry to hear about your family's loss. Please pass on my sympathy to Louise.

The ZR event was very large, with the group filling up the whole theater and lounge. As you know, I've been out of it for a year, so there were a lot of new faces for me. They showed two separate movies chronicling this past year. All in all a very professional production, as you would expect. Overall, my impression was that it has become very big, successful, more business-driven -- and necessarily less personal as a result. I'm very happy for Zahir & Allisun's success, but I miss the smaller scale, warmer, more personal feel of the earlier years. But, hey, that's just me; I've never been one for large groups.

I will PM you with a link to the photos. I'll also send you a picture of me in the penguin suit - given your sad situation at home, you could probably use a good laugh...

- Peter
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