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I'm planning on installing a digital interior mirror to provide a much improved rear view when backing up. However for a seamless installation I need to modify a stock mirror bracket. I don't want to modify the existing mirror bracket, so I'm looking for a replacement mirror with bracket, or just a bracket. Do any of you have one or know a source?

Thank you

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I could not find the mirror on Ebay. Was it a stock mirror or something close.

Who will 3D print the bracket for you? My son works for 3D Systems and can print me an exact replica if I send him mine so he can scan it.

if I could figure out how to pull the ball-joint out of the back of my digital mirror, I'd well a threaded stud to it and screw it into the Pantara bracket.  Tom

The tapped hole is on the fixed part of the original support, no position adjustment is therefore possible without adapting a ball joint between this support and the digital screen. The difficulty is finding an M6 ball joint that can lock.
For the moment I have adapted a suction cup smartphone holder, but I'm not sure if the suction cup can withstand the weight of the screen plus the vibrations

Because I can't pull out the ball, I plan to saw off most of the articulated mirror support on the digital mirror, maybe leaving no more than the ball, then drill a hole into the ball and tap in treads. This will provide me with an opportunity to add a threaded stud that matches threads on the Pantera Mirror support arm and gives me an adjustable mirror.

It seems quite simple, time will tell.

...Here's My 'Rearview Camera' Moniter. In the Garage, view under wing, with Harley. Can be switched between the 'Rear Deck' Camera and the Camera IN the Passenger Door Mirror, to cover the Blind Spot. I can also Plug it into My Laptop, to show the GPS Satellite Link. Will be adding a 'Infared' Camera to the Rear, Soon. Will See Everything, at Night.

Still working out the AM-FM CD Deck, Mounting.thumbnail [25)


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