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Thank you DOES 200
Yes, I think it is Grabber,,, Did'nt think I'd have a Blue Pantera, when I was looking it was all Red and Yellow cars,, Then mine came along and I could'nt pass it up, But now I really do love the color, It won the Best Paint Trophy and Drag Race Runner up Trophy P.I Motorsports show/ Endless summer party two weekends ago. I Still Have The smile on my face.

Originally posted by DOES 200:
Originally posted by shotgungrooms:

Shotgungrooms, that is a beautiful blue Pantera, but you probably already know that. Grabber?
Hey George, what sort of magazine did you find that picture in Wink
This thread is 2 years old?
I like the wheels on r mccall's car.
Here is a pic of my car sat at the dock down in Plymouth. I had just got back from Le Mans 2005. The car is filthy but the camera lies. I like the wheels more with a coat of break dust. Maybe I will paint them a darker silver next time.

I never tire of looking at these cars!



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