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Hi all, I’m putting together a Cleveland for my Pantera, I’m going to run a hydraulic roller cam with Crane 36532 hydro lifters, I’ve reamed out the lifter bores and I’m ready to install the bushings. I need to drill the oil hole in the bushing & I’m not sure what size hole is needed. 95% of my driving is highway commuting with the occasional romp to pass or get up to speed, my build is designed for mid 6k rpm.
Thanks in advance for your assistance, Doug
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I have found that "Cowboy from Hell" prettymuch knows anything you would ever need to know about motors. He posted a very long article on how to build a high HP reliable street motor, it included detailed instructions on plugging and drilling oil passages. I looked for the post but could'nt find it. I suggest you contact him and hopefully he will hook you up with all the build info you need.Good luck with your build.
The Crane roller lifters I have in storage have two 0.060" holes on the side. That would be equivalent to one hole 0.084".

So I would drill the bushing 0.084" or as close as I could get to that.

If you custom order a set of 5/16" push rods made of tubing with 0.120" thick walls, the 0.072" hole up the middle of the push rod will serve as a nice restriction to the flow of oil to the valve gear, downstream of the lifter.

I hope you've found Denny's kit easy to use.

If you click on the 351C technical info link in my signature line below, you'll find another resource for 351C info. A work in progress.
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