When I pulled my dash out and separated the bezel from the black contact block I'm wondering if something got lost.  Is there suppose to be a piece that attached to the lever in the switch/bezel and the black contact wiring block?


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Thanks for replying.  I don't have a picture but I do have the following; the connector block, the bezel, the rocker, the white plastic square piece that goes inside and the copper u-shaped piece that goes over that plastic piece.  I believe I am missing a spring that goes between the rocker and the white plastic piece.  Can you confirm this?



Hi  oh boy I looked at my picture repository but that special picture is missing. As far as I can recap there was NO spring on the outer side (where B goes into A beeing hold by the 2 small side extentions). The spring mechanism comes from part C which is inserted from the back per snap in on north and south ..my brain does not provide more info unfort..hope helps a little bit

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