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An update on the window guys that ruined my paint: They've now paid the painter, and I haven't received any bill for the "work" they did, not even the work they did the week before on gluing the windshield in my wife's car. Seems fair (financially)

Since last time in random order:
-Interior cleaned (again)
-Summit carb
-Mini starter
-New electric antenna
-Plug wires
-Rear brake pads (discs hidden close to differential)
-oil pressure sender
-fuel leak
-changed metal tyre valve to rubber, chemical process started that ate the magnesium wheel (Eeker)

Almost ready now. But it's amazing all the small things that take time. I just put some extra sealer in where the chrome lists have small gaps to the rubber on the front and rear windows. When dry, it'll be wash, wax, and then weather allowing, some good pictures.

Now THAT is more like it! Fantastic photos of a superb restoration. Your car really turned out amazingly well, especially after so many little (and not so little) setbacks. Let me know when you get bored of owning it and I'll be happy to add it to my collection! Big Grin

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