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16506736-5F04-48D4-9BDE-79EA360FB37292CDBE3A-43A5-4D53-AC0C-2748D0633EAFThe first photo shows the backside of the spoiler and the rolled lip. As you can see the size of the lip varies between the two examples. The one with the nice lip is the old one that was replaced and the new one was trimmed much differently, leaving very little lip to work with.

Second photo is the backside of the new spoiler showing initial layout, and the face of the old spoiler which comes in a very presentable black, pebble grain finish8184456A-AA20-4C77-8B40-29CFEF464C18BA36C2F7-6D5F-42DB-B1C1-8FC8DB4D054E78BBC2FF-B6AE-47E9-8B87-F3A24EC4C195

The weak link is obviously the lip attachment, and experience shows that is the ultimate failure point.

I deemed the new lip too small and fabricated mounting tabs, from an ABS flat sheet, that easily glued to the ABS spoiler using my favorite plastic repair/glue Plast-aid.

this time around I also elected to use riv-nuts instead of sheet metal screws. Much more difficult layout than just fixing in place and attaching with sheet metal screws. Not sure it was worth all of the effort.

It is the cleanest of the available spoilers, IMHO  



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  • 16506736-5F04-48D4-9BDE-79EA360FB372
  • 92CDBE3A-43A5-4D53-AC0C-2748D0633EAF
  • 8184456A-AA20-4C77-8B40-29CFEF464C18
  • BA36C2F7-6D5F-42DB-B1C1-8FC8DB4D054E
  • 78BBC2FF-B6AE-47E9-8B87-F3A24EC4C195
@davidnunn posted:

Here is a pic of a Pantera with body colored bumpers. They aren't the Amerisport bumpers but it will give you an idea how they might look painted the same color as the car. I'm sure these are custom, one-off, bumpers.


The Amerisport bumpers were designed to cover up the holes left by L bumpers, without any bodywork or paint.   

And be sure to angle them down like this so the car looks like a sad Japanese manga cartoon car!

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I am in the process of fitting a pair of early front bumpers to a 73, and at least for my car, it takes some metal grinding to match the nose of the car.  It seems like inexpensive sacrificial bumpers could be made with a circuit to sound the horns if they are crushed at all?  Well worth the sacrifice if they prevent additional damage?

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