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I'm still tinkering with them. They never seem to get completely done.

They are all basically the same. The mountings to the car is what vary. Some use a single spine down the middle, others a twin spine.

I don't know the detail of the "original Mindtrain" but I suspect that the ends were securely fastened into the decklid with either rivets or button head screws and riv-nuts?

I only saw the Mindtrain in person once, I didn't own a Pantera then and didn't think to look for those details but I think they are single spine, down the middle so that makes the end mountings more important.

I have a picture of the Pantera that Jeff Burgy once owned with them installed. That's the car that I saw them on.

Over the rear decklid tends to be a dead air area so they aren't particularly susceptible to flying away but I don't know of anyone who ever tested them at very high speeds.

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Bill Moore's car member on here billmoore has the louvers. His car is #6480. It's orange with group IV flares and black louvers. He hasn't been on here for a long time but he may answer if you message him. I am pretty sure his louvers are mindtrain and he may be willing to take pictures and measurements for you. He is located in Calgary but I know he has had the car touring in the states at events a few times and was also at Quella's shop. I haven't seen or heard from him though for about 3 or 4 years.

There are two different designs of "rear window louvers". The kind David posted, and a slightly different one from Hall Pantera, both covering most of the deck. They are often called 'Miura-louvers'.

Then there's the Type 2 that attach to the open 'window' hole in the deck lid with only 5- 6 black metal slats,  & stand almost vertical like window shades. I was initially confused as to which you wanted.

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