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Hi all, the servo is missing from my car.  From what I can gather / forum searches, the master cylinder is shared with a Fiat 130 and Ferrari Dino but anyone know what the booster / servo is shared with?.

The booster is a Bonaldi (although I've also seen it called Benditalia - which I think is same company) but I can't find the model number.  

Some talk of it being shared with a Ferrari 308 (but from what I can see that's located across the cabin and not toward driver so it may not line up).  A Ferrari booster is (no surprises here) around £1250 / $1,500 and up and I don't want to buy the wrong one as have to source its overseas.  Is Fiat 130 the same model and orientated same?

Does anyone know if it is common to any of the marques that don't attract premium prices, or better still a model number?  It also looks on face of it very close to an Alfa Duetto Spider / 105 series so an Alfa substitute would be great as we have Classic Alfa in UK and they carry stock

Failing that does anyone have one to measure diameter and length?  Pictures.  or even one for sale (I'm in UK and can get it rebuilt if necessary)



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Larry, probably not much help, but the last numbers I read are "-05865"...and this is probably even a distraction, this servo was purchased from Hall in the 80's.

   It seems NOT the same as Ferrari, Ferrari show 4 studs to the front (towards the actuating lever) and the Mangusta has just 3. I do not believe there are any Alfa parts shared with the Goose (that would just be too easy...! ).   


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  • probably reads "14-05865"
  • 8ma1046 pedal box

Hi Larry! Not positive but a stock Pantera booster may be the best bet...the basic dimensions match and they both mount with a three stud pattern (non-equilateral triangle).  I'm not sure the triangle patterns are identical between deTomaso models but would be surprised if they weren't.  Also not sure about clocking of the vacuum inlet fitting - the 'other' main worry imo.  The 3-stud boosters only go in one way so that determines how the booster hose is clocked.  The first image shows a Mangusta booster on the right and 2 Pantera can see bulges for the vaccuum fittings on two of them, and the gereral orientation looks the same.  So they might be clocked the same  Anyone gone down this route before?!

Second photo shows a Pantera booster and the 70s style Ferrari part Lee mentioned.  Besides the mounting issue the Ferrari parts are about 20mm larger in diameter and must use a different sized bladder (circumferences c. 630 & 700mm, respectively, body depth for either is ~160mm).  If any Ferraris ever used a 3-stud booster it COULD be an early Dino (....expensive unicorn of a different color).  Fiat Dinos are a possibility but the one poor photo I have suggests a 4-stud design. No real idea about Lancia, Alfa or other Fiat alternatives but never seen anything that looked very promising!


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  • Goose brake booster with Pantera units
  • z Pantera vs Ferrari
  • z Pantera vs Ferrari b
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