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Hi all, my accessory/ coin tray is missing does anyone have one they could measure for me please? Car is about to go to trimmers and from what I can see it’s interior colour, is that correct?

best still if anyone could trace the outline with dimensions onto a4 so I can get curve right that would be great



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The tray is not drawn out, Just a handmade box with round corners.  Early cars did not have one (heater lever would interfere with edge of tray) and late cars had a combination tray/radio chassis. With of the tin is 17.5mmMM and depth is 45mm. YMMV

coin_tray8MA1078_intRB31001 022IMGP1189_8Ma12988MA1078_intRB31001 022



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Once again it's interesting to hear what cars have!  My car is 1028, probably, from what I can gather, a German made car.  It has high level toggle switches but under dash AC cents.  The dash panel has been stripped and it looks like that's first time it's been apart.  It has a radio hole cut into the metal (more than 1 actually!! I neat and factory looking, one done by three year old who had too much sugar) and the flap style heater.  I've seen cars with flap style heater which have the coin box, and the flap lever sits inside the box! Not the only thing that looks weird on this car!

I'll take a look at Amazon UK for the pans although I id see that Amazon would only charge me $15 from US to UK for the pans and I could give my wife a set....

She might ask why the odd number of pans...

cheers all

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