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I'm sure it's just wear, but occasionally the button will stick when you push it in to open the door...  just put the key in and wiggle it and it'll pop back out, but I'm curious if anyone has rebuilt or replaced this on a Mangusta...

or if the part is shared with any other cars besides the early PB Pantera...

Thanks (as always)


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Hi Mike, sure looks like a rubbing issue and/or the 'button' pushing in so far that it gets slightly trapped by the surround.  Either way if the button and surround were perfectly concentric it should not happen.  

Here's a pic showing a surround from my old door skin.  Between those crude OEM slots and the nature of the fastening system, there should be PLENTY of slop for readjusting the concentricity!  Hope this helps, Nate


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It's definitely pushing in just a bit too far and moving off center of the opening, catching the edge of the trim on it's way back out...

Your picture helps, shows me that trim piece is fairly thin...  I was concerned there was a barrel kinda situation going on...

Looks like I'm pulling a door panel soon...



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