Nice car, lots of work on interior and body,  but what happened to that AC hose routing?????????  Can't believe that they didn't:   build a front boot floor.... paint the valve covers.... put on a set of paper air tubes (!!!  ) ...relocate that antenna somewhere else.... find a suitable left side rear view mirror!     No spare tire or tools......          I cringe when I see cars hoisted up by the tin floor panels.....when frame bits are right there too........


I saw it a week ago when I was at BHCC.  Looked nice, but I didn't inspect it.

Agreed on the lifting points, that's just asking for a very bad day...

hard to tell if that's the correct air cleaner just on backwards or something else.

several expensive parts missing. 

is that condenser original?  seems much wider.  Inline fuel pump on the manifold is an interesting choice as well.



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