I'm curious if anyone has a list or drawings of the lubrication points on the Mangusta.  I have the info on adding one to the upper balls joints, but not for the rest of them.

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page12aMike, Scan from original owner guide (this is not in reproduction copy)


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Wow, Thanks...  that looks like what I'm after... 

I hate to sound greedy/needy, but is there any chance of getting a higher resolution scan?



I think there are a total of 5 zerk fittings on the car;

  (3) 14mm u-joints--on the steering (near the coupling joint), and on the shift linkage (in the tunnel right behind the shifter and the other near the input to the ZF). 

 (2) others on the drive shafts (?)

 The Fiamm country horn compressor is another likely maintenance point...but then, I think for a 50 year old Mangusta its all about "re-lubrication..." (and replacing what is there, that at one time could be called "grease). The grease in the window motor transmission and in the steering rack hardens after a few decades (where well, probably cannot act as lubrication !) and the rubber dust caps for the Heim joints used everywhere on the suspension harden and crack open. Pulling these off and clean/re-booting is not a bad project in itself...

  Of course, bearings become another story, with the only ones 'easy' to swap are the front wheels...Lee


Hall Pantera still sells repro Mangusta Owners Manuals (13 pgs), reasonably priced but as mentioned it does not have that illustration. Thanks, Denis! I will clean & add it.

Copies of the Owners Manual along with the 135 pg Mangusta factory Parts List are in the POCA Archives. Archive scans are at 300 dpi; a typical computer monitor displays at 72-80 dpi.

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