...Mike, I think you heard 'em on my car (!), at least I'm assuming that Hall sells the same US-made Ansa DT0127 and DT0137....After my tips got beaten up by hurricane Harvey, ---the I got a  924 euro (each)  quote from Ansa Classic (who still makes the headers and muffler sets as original) was enough to want to splice in new tips (something I'd done on my 400i). But I couldn't beat the price at CarID--the bad news is they show "out of stock," worse news is waiting if you look at the price...  

  The US made Ansa have polished stainless tips that should look forever like chrome was supposed to...Lee

M!ke, some of the best news this summer was finding the part numbers in the POCA published Mangusta parts book, esp;

  4060881 long hanger on front (91mm center to center) Fiat 1500

  4035175 shorter rear Fiat 1800 (aka 8564147, 4777993)

 Until then, I'd thought the fronts were a lost cause...but they are still available,  thanks to Fiat 1300/1500- https://www.ebay.com/itm/Suppo...f:g:oSIAAOSw0TxZZ6Gx


The spacers are 12mm OD, 20mm long  with 1.0mm wall. 

I have yet to sort out whether the strap lenghts on the 'new' Ansa are actually any different than the originals (or whether my strap length problems are because of the Hall headers on my car). The hanger hardware was available (in clear zinc) from Wilkinson)--Lee



mkeh posted:

I ordered a set from Hall, will let you know how they work out...  I also need to replace the hanger rubbers...  anyone have a source on those?

I seem to recall a discussion of some from Mr. Fiat that were close...



Please post your results! I need to get a set of these as well. Currently, have some hacked up Mangaflows causing all sorts of fitment issues, especially where the exhaust passes between the suspension.


A bit of a delay due to a mix up (not entirely Hall's fault, and they remedied it immediately).  But they're on the car and look and sound wonderful.  My phone is bad at audio, but here's a picture.

No issues at all with fitment.

We've had horrible weather here, so I haven't had her on the road yet, but she sounds much better in the garage.





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