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Has anyone found a replacement motor for the power windows?  I've seen some of the conversions, but I'm only looking to replace a motor.  Mine is running, but it's not in the best of shape.  I have seen some motors for early '60's Lincoln Continentals and Thunderbirds, that look look close, but I don't want to spend $300 to find out it's not close enough.

my gears and crank are fine, just losing faith in the motor itself.

or perhaps a shop that can rebuild the original.





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MK, you can probably rebuild those window motors yourself. Compared to gasoline powered 'motors', DC electric motors are easy to rebuild and there's a lot to be said for a rebuild that can be done on your kitchen table with (mostly) hand tools! 

There are the bearings or bushings on the ends of the rotor- usually standard thruout the world. And the carbon brushes- also std, which are quite easy to modify with a file for particular dimensions. I once fixed a DC motor with a brush made from the carbon center post of a discarded 'C' battery and a nail file. Then you cut the commutator the brushes run on flat to eliminate wear, then square each commutator block so the insulated gaps between blocks are sharp and even with no burrs. That's about it as long as there are no shorted windings.

But modifying DC motors for more rpms or torque is extremely difficult and involves changing the windings. If you're not satisfied with stock performance, you WILL need a pro electric motor shop. Try it.

The initial problem was the motor was seized, I opened it up and the magnets had detached.  I pulled them out, cleaned the daylights out of them and re-glued them, cleaned and lubed everything up and put it all back together...  it ran, but was tight...  then it stopped working...  rinse and repeat...  eventually got it working, but it's still tight...  brushes look great and I don't see the problem, but  was thinking maybe it's the bushings...  too much slop in them allowing the armature to rub...  then thought I might be better off with a new one if such a thing exists...

perhaps I just need to run it for awhile to smooth out where it's rubbing...

Thanks for the input...



MIke, I think its interesting that the mechanical definition for the window motors used in 60's Tbirds was basically copied for another 4 decades in Italian cars...But the replacement motors for Panteras of course will work, are the same as sold for Ferrari and all of them basically the same as used by Alfa for 3 decades. 

  I started to go the Aerostar route, but wanted to keep the emergency gear in place...Just easier to bolt in the Alfa motor--Lee

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