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Can you provide the diameter and the spline count to the Mangusta steering column shaft?

The Pantera column comes from an early Ford capri and is 9/16” diameter (16mm) with 36 spline count.

Also, can you provide the Mangusta  steering wheel measurements?

# of bolts and PCD diameter

I’ve done some deep research into splined hubs and quick releases available for the capri steering column and I may be able to provide some guidance.


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can you please provide the diameter of the steering shaft? Perhaps a photograph showing the keyway?


can you please provide photographs and pertinent information describing the components and fabrication necessary?

General question,

what is the PCD pattern used on the Mangusta OEM wheel? Number of bolts and PCD?



Apologies guys I forgot all about replying to this.  Here are some pictures of the quick release.  It uses a race quick release boss (OMP are one of those making them).  Most come with universal fitments to bosses but you will need to weld (have welded by professional welder as that element is critical) to original or replicated shaft.  Note that I do not have an original Mangusta Ferraro wheel ( does ANYONE know where I could find one???)


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