I've noticed that if I don't push all the way to the right going from 3rd into 4th it will go from 3rd back into 2nd even though the shifter is in the gate for 4th.  I'm sure it's just an adjustment, but thought it best to get advice and suggestions before I begin blindly wrenching.

Is there anything I should check FIRST? 

Is this common on Mangusta's?

Thanks in advance



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That's nothing. Center the shifter pattern north/south/east/west  in the gate...with the shifter rod disconnected. Manually set the trans in neutral, slip it together. No more issue. 10 minute job.

yeah, just a single point of adjustment, assuming the u--joints are not worn and you can turn the giant nut there in front of the gear box, you are good. Picture here is only to show there is nothing to see at the shifter itself. 


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Sharkey- You said manually set the trans in neutral but I'm not sure how to do that. Can I just start out with it in neutral from the get go? Thx

Yeah, that big nut at the u-joint just ahead of the shifter box on the tranny…! If you can loosen that nut, you should be good to go--Lee

M!ke, sorry for the picture, but the only adjustment is that turnbuckle at the very right end of this pic...The Grub screws are under the shifter box cover, accessed thru the rubber peep holes on the top of the shifter. If your grub screws are loose--well, you are very lucky..! Since that pin in the u-joint is as permanent as Mount Rushmore...

  Interesting, 8ma1074 had a rubber boot as shown on Panteras right between the shift box and the U-joint, I'm guessing  is original.  Very early Geese didn't have the shift box. 


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I've looked at the turnbuckle and that seems like the most logical adjustment point, but I'll check the grubs while I'm under there...

Thanks for the intel guys!



I knew those Mangustas were valuable (and expensive)... but I never knew they had gold-plated ZFs & shift linkages!

(as shown in the pictures)




....nothing but a light source provides a color...everything but a light source is only a reflector...Must have been the harbor freight LED lamp making things look so King Tut..  Lee


Aside from the normal "center the shifter lever L-R and Fore and Aft"......

Check the shift rod where it passes thru the firewall.  If you have a rubber boot at that point, if the rod is too low or high  (trunnion adjustment!), the shift rod can contact the pass-thru-tube, or wad up the rubber boot at that point and cause issues like you suggest.

I overhauled my ZF just because I "fixed" the trunnion adjustment height......which then caused 2cnd and 4th gears to pop out.....  Nothing like fixing something that isn't broken.......!!!!!

The ZF is a pretty stout unit with good engineering!  It's only when funky engineers mess with things that it "goes bad..."!


>All shifting problems are caused by WORN U-JOINTS. It will not go away, it will not   get better....  Until you fix it.

I rebuilt the Mangusta shift linkage at 62,000 miles. It is very easy to adjust if your u-joints are tight. I got rid of that stupid threaded block attached to the ZF shift rod and installed a mulitary grade joint that allows removal of the linkage from the ZF without losing the adjustment.

The stabilizer rod, in the middle of the shift linkage that goes through the two heims joints individually bolted to the sub-frame gets dust on it and results in hard shifting. I made a sleeve for it that is attached with velcro, greased it up good and have had no problem since.

You have to remember that the Mangusta has a racing chassis with racing parts that are not expected to last 100,000 mies. Johnny Wood can tell you where to get the u-joints, the same ones are used in the steering and the shift linkage.  They both wear out at the same time. When doing the steering joints redo the big brass bushing that the steering shaft goes through also.

By the way, the entire shift linkage system can be removed and re-installed by removing the small bolt through the shift lever and then unbolting the two heims joints mentioned above and undoing the (again) stupid joint attaching it to the ZF shift rod.  Simpley slide it out slighly down and toward the rear of thr car.

It helps a lot to have the car on a lift.  



Dick, I'm curious, where is the brass bushing for the steering shaft that you mention? I guess, on the cast column housing inside the car? 

Yeah, I remember your writeup replacing the U-joint at the rear, mine is old and loose, I've purchased (finally from Hardy Spicer in Australia) that Mike ('1302!) pointed to (but haven't installed). 

That rubber boot on the shift linkage at the rear of the passenger compartment is the only piece of rubber in the car I don't think I've replaced...! Lee


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