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While I'm on a tinkering binge, I decided to address the clicking speedometer cable. I disconnected the cable from the back of the speedometer, and it's definitely the cable. It's currently working , but jumping around a little bit and making the clicking noise. Is it possible to just pull out the core, clean and grease it and put it back in? or do I need to replace the entire unit? and if so does a replacement exist?




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Yes, you should be able to remove the centre coiled spring shaft from the casing and clean it. Cleaning the casing may be tricky so I suggest pulling a strong string through when removing the shaft. That allows you to pull small bits of soft fabric through to clean the inside of the casing. 

Well, I managed to fix the clicking noise...   All I had to do was break the damned thing and no more clicking !!!

So now I'm looking at replacing it...  I need to pull it and measure it.  I called Hall Pantera, they measured the one for an early Pantera and said it was roughly 149.5 inches...  The ends should be the same since its going from a -1 ZF to a Veglia speedo...   I just need to get mine out and take some measurements.

Worst case I send the ends out and have one custom made.

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M!ke, for some reason I remember mine at 14 feet (so 168 inches). I see PIM sells new Pantera cables, and so they may be able to make Mangusta cables. They advertise 'early' and 'late,' but I suppose the key thing is to match the speedo drive (VDO or Borletti...Pantera used both, at least on '1076 its a VDO drive...)--Lee


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  • vdo speedo drive on '1076
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Wow, we really need to share our archives...   I pulled mine out...   Shockingly easy to do...  Found a place in town that specializes in making custom speedo cables...  They said roughly $125 if they can reuse my end pieces.   I'll take it to them on Monday...  They had excellent reviews, so fingers crossed.  

I called PIM amd they measured the Pantera cables, they're about two feet shorter.  My guess is DT found a more direct path on the Panteras.  As you know, on the goose the cable goes from the speedo to the front of the car and then turns and goes through the "X" frame spine to the rear...   Seems like going through the console would be much shorter...  



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