Hello Denis,
my car is a one owner car that i imported into the UK from Italy in March this year.she is on the MI site and will be featured in the De Tomaso Drivers Club News magazine.I will send you a copy
if you let me have your email
Welcome Jonathan,

There are a few of us here who own Mangustas. Some (mine) are not as nice as Denis' car, but may one day be.

I too would be very interested in receiving a copy of the article on your car.

Radford, I found a reference hope it can help. The rack is listed as Renault S9819470 (stock replacement) Or Ricardo 18991 (racing application, FWIW).

Hi Jonathan / all, I understand the Goose rack is from a Dauphine - very obscure model in the US, maybe same everywhere but France? The first series Renault 4 (1969) reportedly had the same rack but not later 4s, which used several different ones. The steering damper/coupling unit is Renault as well, there was a sqaure and round type on thier cars from this era. Inquiring at a classic Renault supplier like http://www.renaultparts.us/ might help, I know there are a few in the UK as well, including one about 2 hrs N (or NW?) of London. Good luck with your new Goose, please keep us posted! Regards, Nate S
For the most part, Nate is correct! Most of us are cursed with 4.3 turns lock to lock.....rack.

However, you later cars, perhaps even Radford's #1216 could have something different!

In a conversation with George Gordon-Smith, who owned the RHD Freddy Moss car, he mentioned that the RHD cars used something completely different and that the racks were "clamp in" vs a bolt in design.

He brought me a rack that they had used to decrease turn-turn count, but it turned out to be totally different than my car's that it was a wasted effort! He had no idea that they were different.....as they had "just bolted them in" and improved their steering......

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