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I have 2 Large Wall Maps, displayed On a Wall in My living-Room. One of the World and One of the United States of America.
For Every Person whom has Ever Purchased One of Our Creations; I put a Colored 'Push-Pin' at their HomeTown! Each Pin Representing All those Brothers and Sisters, I have Helped. Multiple Persons, some 6-7 with-in the same Hometown, are Represented with One Pin.

Most of the Towns are Small, Out in the 'Middle of Nowhere', and can not be found on a Detailed Map. I have to use a 'Map Search Engine', to find Them. The Result,
There Are Hundreds of Pins on My Wall!! 2 Maps, Hundreds of Pins.
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I will try and post pics by the end of this weekend. I have fallen behind, and have 80-100 more pins to add, before photographing.

I Promise, It Will be Most Interesting!

Everyone can look at the Maps and Find the Pin That Represents Them!
The Cities and Names are Recorded in 5 'Books' of 'Quality Control Rosters'. Only the Cities and Towns are Indicated on the Maps, No Names are given.
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...I finished with the push pins a little while ago. I will post 17 pictures, so I can show segments as close-ups, some are clearer than others. Zoom-In at will, Enjoy!

These Locations are Indicated as Accurately as Possible using a Computer Search Engine. Nothing is Phoney, Nothing is Exaggerated! These ARE ALL of My Customer Contacts, to Date. First a few Keys:

1. The Color of the Pins Denotes Nothing, they came as a variety pack.
2. In this case...Size of the Pin-Head, Does NOT Matter! The Smaller Head Pins are used when a Larger Head will Not 'Fit', between Larger Headed Pins, to Point to a EXACT Location, as in a Suburb next to a Major City.
3. Most persons are Men, ages, Teenagers to as old 80+, a Few are Women. Many Buyers are a Business, Machine Shop, Speed Shop, etc.
4. Most all have purchased the Restrictor Plates, I started producing those as early as 2006. Next, The Modified Thermostats have taken off, in less than 2 Years of Modifying them. Last, The Bronze Pilot Bearings. The Bearings were Only Machined for Owners of Panteras, GT-40's and Other Custom applications.
5. The Brass Restrictor Plates were Machined Exclusively for the 351 Cleveland Engine Block, whether it was Stock or Massively Modified...(Bored and Stroked). They ALL Required 'The Restrictor' And the Correct Thermostat, to Close-Off the By-pass. Also! Interestingly! The Ratio of Vehicles 'Running' a '351' Cleveland, were in My Guesstimation, (as I was seldom informed as to What Vehicle the Person, Owned)...60% Panteras and 40% ALL OTHERS. I.E. Mustangs, Cougars, Torinos, Street Rods, Kit-Cars and All Other Customs, were Powered by the Infamous 351 Cleveland.
6. Because many persons live in the same town, 3, 5 people, even more, can be represented by a Single Pin.
7. On The World Map...Only ONE Pin Per Nation, But there are MANY Contacts in Each Country. Especially in the case of Australia and New Zealand.
8. The Pins with the LARGE ROUND Heads were the FIRST used. As I can No Longer get Them, I NOW use Pins that are the 'Standard' Push-Pin SHAPE. These represent the Most Recent Placement. The SMALLEST Round Headed Pins have been used all along and are still in use.

Just Please don't ask Me to come up with a Count Total, Locating the Pins were near Over-Whelming.

Now onto the Pictures! Sorry for the bad quality.

First...I wish to give My Deepest Thank-You to All of You who Helped Make This Enterprise a Success!!


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All Our Friends in Canada. There were many More! but their address was always...just 'CANADA' and a number. A Few listed a Provence.

Sal Paulo, Brazil
Johanusburg, South Africa

Fairbanks, Alaska

On This World Map...The Lone Pin in America is
Marlin Jack
Manteca, California


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A Lone Gentleman in the Philippines.

Australia...Only about 1/5 of all the Locations are Identified. Our Friends there, really Know their Clevelands and Build some of the Best Cars in the World!
New Zealand, Many Owners, and One Gentleman on the Island of Tazmania!


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Countless tiny towns. I Love them All.
I use to Drive Cross-Country, Non-Stop, a LOT, in the Early '70's.
Try Finding Fuel at 2:00 AM!
That's where I came up with "Running on Empty, Middle of Nowhere".
There was Only ONE Lone Place, Open All Night!! An Oasis of Light, in the Pitch Darkness; A Truck Stop called 'Middle America'! I was Stationed at Ft. Riley, KS in '72, Super Gas was $0.27 a Gallon! WE were 'Ticked' when the price 'Shot-Up' to $0.37, Over-Night. Those Great Times are Gone Forever!
Back to the Maps.


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One Gentleman way up North in Alberta, closest to the North Pole. I bet His Engine warms up evenly on Those Cold Mornings! I Hear, in the Dead of Winter, They do Not shut the Engine, Off.
Seattle! It gets Cold There, too. I Know! I took 'Boot' up there in November of '69 to February '70. Ft. Lewis, WA. Out on the Rifle Range, Laying on Mats, on Ice and Snow, Qualifying with M-14's and M-16's, in Prep for the Nam.


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Originally posted by Kid:
Cool Cool

Guess Belgium must be about as "BIG" as one of your pins Big Grin

Hi Kid!
No Problem! I am going to replace 'Your' Pin with a Smaller Pin, Take Another Picture, a Close-Up, and Post the Photo Here by this Afternoon!
Also! I'am going to add 'Super' Close-Ups of Major Areas of the USA. So we can All, read the Map.
And, ofcourse, as sales continue, I will be adding More pins, 2 More Today!

Thank You

Here You are Kid! Brussels, Belgium!

Surprisingly...No One in Italy...Yet!


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