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...Adding, Will Always be in the Order as I Receive them:

Mulvane, KS
Sacramento, CA
Orange, CA
Becker, CA
Stamford, CT
Green River, WY
Ryder, ND
Blaine, MN
Sartell, MN
Green Bay, WI
Ringwood, NJ
Everett, WA
Sweet Grass, MT
Sarasota, FL

And Valle Verde, Puerto-Rico!

More To:

New Zealand
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Black River Falls, WI
Oak Hills, CA
Pittsburg, CA
Woodridge, IL
Delaware, OH
Houston, TX
Columbia, SC
Virginia, IL
Seabrook, MD
San Jose, CA
Manheim, PA
San Leandro, CA
Florham Park, NJ
Lake Elsinore, CA

Many More To:

New South Wales, Australia

...That's a Lot of Thermostats! Just Thermostats Alone, Have Shipped 170 so far, to Date!
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...Adding, In the USA:

Vista, CA
Harrisburg, VA
Humble, TX
Laurens, IA
Algonquin, IL
Ontario, CA
Hampstead, NH
Louisville, KY
Pennsville, NJ
Branford, CT
Corpus Christi, TX
Hidalgo, TX

More to the World:

3X Victoria Australia
5X Australia
Australia is just now going Into 'Their' Summer.

Including 3 Pictures of a never before seen comparison of The Original Thermostat Skirt, to Our Skirt(Since 2013). Thicker Copper, Larger Diameter Skirt, for a More Efficient Restriction of the By-Pass. Old = .025" x .675" versus New = .055" x .725" The New Skirt is TALLER because it is Engineered to Contact the Entire 'Bulb', where-as the Old skirt is mounted on the Very Edge. The Flare of the Skirt, sits at the Exact Same Position with-in the Restrictor Plate.


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Our Target Diameter of the Skirt in Relation to the Restrictor Plates, is a Clearance of Just .001" Per Side! This Is Possible Only because, as most of You know, We also Machine the Brass Restrictor Plates. These Newer Skirts are still, Absolutely Compatible with ALL Originally Installed, Factory Restrictor Plates! NO need to Replace the Original Plate, You can leave it in place.


Images (1)
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Which One Do You think actually gets the Job Done? I wonder if the Original Skirt ever Did Do, a very good Job??

The Old Skirt You are looking at...I pried-off of the Original Robertshaw Thermostat, that came with-in the Cleveland Engine of My '74 Pantera. It is 45 Years Old and a Testament to the Longevity of Copper with-in the Caustic Environment of the Cleveland Cooling System.
It came off with out much force. The Skirts I install are Mounted, with a Technique, so as to Never Come Loose, Never Come Off!


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  • improv_001
I believe I have established the fact over the years that I care about everyone that wants to keep a 351C powered vehicle on the road. I know that Marlin is of the same frame of mind.

The original 351C cooling system was advanced for its time. Most modern cooling systems mimic it. But the 351C was the first to incorporate those features (features I'm not going to elaborate on now).

Marlin is machining his parts to far closer tolerances than US Ford or Australian Ford ever conceived possible in that era; hell possibly not even today. I have Marlin's parts in front of me. They are manufactured to bitchen tolerances and quality. I can't recommend better parts to you if you want peace of mind. Marlin's parts are bad-ass and bitchen. I know you can buy a modern 351C thermostat from a corporate auto parts chain for less money. But you can't purchase a better replacement 351C thermostat (or orifice) anywhere!

If you think I'm an idiot or a greedy SOB, or that Marlin is asking too much, go and purchase an O'Reilly or NAPA thermostat, it won't damage my ego or keep me from sleeping. I truly don't want to control you. Marlin and I have no financial arrangement either. I make nothing on his sales, I am simply thankful for his efforts. He's my brother, he makes these parts because I asked him to. The correct cooling system parts resolve all the cooling system issues with front engine (non-Pantera) vehicles. Panteras need to increase coolant flow, high flow electric fans are OK, but that's not the major issue with Panteras.

These are admittedly the post happy hour mental meanderings of an elderly inebriate.
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Originally posted by Marlin Jack:
...Yes! You, and Everyone Else, Received the Massively Improved Piece!! All Parts have been Improved, Over the Originals, Starting with The First Part on Day One, Years Ago! I can't Explain It any better than that. Don't 'Over Think' It! And Don't Start any Freakin' Debates. I will Not Tolerate being Doubted!!

I Know You are just asking for confirmation.
But You must realize, You are 'Standing on My Turf', and could cause a Tsunami of a Backlash, directed at My Work and I!! Next time ask it on a PM.

So sorry,

I misunderstood and thought your posting of 11/04/15 was the introduction of the "new and improved", not knowing the product you have been offering from day one was reffered to as "N&I"

I have never seen an original RS333, I have only seen your offering.

please accept my appology


...Adding, In The USA:

Buena Park, CA
Keller, TX
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Bonita Springs, FL
Sterling, VA
Honolulu, HI
Centreville, MI
Oak Harbor, WA
Granbury, TX
Huron, SD
Virginia Beach, VA
Aurora, CO
Attleboro, MA
Austin, TX
Mesa, AZ
Land O' Lakes, FL
Sweet Grass, MT
Manheim, PA
Marengo, IL

More to The World:

Dwellingup, Western Australia
Adelaide, South Australia
Karratha, Western Australia
United Kingdom, Manchester, England
Ste-Julie QC, Canada
Cheshire, England


Images (1)
  • updat_021
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...Adding, In the USA:

Long Valley, NJ
Canton, MI
Laredo, TX
Scio, OR
Harvey, ND
Traverse City, MI
Kettering, OH
Livonia, MI
Houston, TX
Semmes, AL
Odon, IN
Fairfield, CA
Sussex, WI
Erie, PA
Brownsburg, IN
Florence, KY
Belton, SC
Hershey, PA
Farnham, VA
Riverton, UT
Rockford, IL
Detroit, MI
Phoenix, AZ
West Branch-Iowa City, IA
Portland, TX

More to the World:

2 X Australia
United Kingdom
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
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