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Looks like the 3 Panteras at Kissimmee did better than the recent ones on BAT. Still a pretty wide discrepancy in 3 cars. Personally just from the pics I thought the one that went for the most should have went the least, but I guess without being there it's hard to know. Anybody on here attend? I believe Sharkey usually does. Here is the prices after buyers fee.Screenshot_20240113-105454_Samsung InternetScreenshot_20240113-105447_Samsung InternetScreenshot_20240113-105438_Samsung Internet


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Mecum also sold the original GT40 for $6.3M and today they are selling some very expensive Ferrari's including an F40.  This event always brings top dollar.  I think more so that BJ which starts in a couple weeks.

Having watched the action on BaT for a couple years now, I would never sell my car there.   The audience is full of self-proclaimed experts that tear cars apart and are just there to watch people get destroyed.  

The yellow Pantera at Mecum was a Thursday car, just goes to show what a prime time spot and maybe some liquor can do for your sale!

I actually think BaT is a pretty good platform and commands decent prices , key is for the seller to be engaged in the auction and yes the comments can be frustrating, but most serous bidders look past the trivia. With a buyers premium of 5% capped at $5k and something like $149 listing fee, it provides value to the seller and buyer and sure beats giving 20% of the proceeds to the regular auction houses.

I follow BAT quite a bit. I don't consider Panteras to do very well on it as a whole or at least plenty of head scratchers for me on why one does well and one poor. I follow the Shelbys a lot too. They are knit picked pretty hard at times, however I would consider that most of them do very well on BAT. Despite the price variations it also always seems that a guy chimes in saying a Pantera should be less and a guy saying a Shelby should be even more.

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