Dear world wide community of De Tomaso owners and enthusiasts.

The foundation for YOUR FORUM COMMUNITY, migrated to the HOOP.LA platform, has been created and Debbie and I have taken possession.

Building the forums on the new HOOP.LA platform, and migration of the on-line forums from the old platform to the new platform, has been assigned to a representative from Social Strata named Dave. Its his project. He's here among us, currently sharing admin. duties with Debbie and I. He's a sports car enthusiast like the rest of us, the owner of a C6 Corvette. Everyone say high to Dave. Smiler

Debbie and I shall be working with Dave over this next week, to work out forum features and forum art work, and to sort out the problems and resolve what we can, all prior to the migration.

The import of the De Tomaso forums to their new platform is set to take place on October 29. Which is Monday of next week.

We've been told the import can take up to 8 hours, so you are being forewarned to expect that.

Social Strata shall turn the new forums over to Debbie and I after the import in a disabled state (visible only to admins), so we can go in and look around and make sure it looks OK. Once we're ready Dave, Debbie, or I shall enable the new forums, and you shall have access to YOUR COMMUNITY again.

... and we'll all get used to the new platform together.
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I shall leave this announcement featured like this, throughout all the forums, only a couple of days, long enough to make sure everybody sees it. Had I simply posted it in the Community News Forum without featuring it most members would not read it.

To see a list of recent posts just go "up" one page, to the forum intro page. The page link reads "De Tomaso Forums".

Ryan when you upload an image file (i.e. a picture) the new software shall give you several size options to select from. It does all the resizing for you. All pictures can be directly uploaded, there shall be no need to utilize an image hosting service. File size restrictions shall no longer be an issue.

In regards to forum hosting, these forums have been hosted by Infopop/Groupee/Social Strata since they were new and their service has been excellent; we plan on staying with them. Social Strata are the HOOP.LA software creators.

Here's the new forums home page (i.e. intro page)

Not the final product however. We really can't view what the final product looks like until we migrate the content of the EVE forum to the HOOP.LA forum, as there is no content to populate the various widgets and summaries until the migration takes place. Plus I can see a few areas where we need to fine tune this page already.



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The transition is coming soon. Monday! Hold on to your hats!

I literally have not seen the "final product". Nobody has. It can't be seen until the current forums are migrated to the new platform. But what I've seen, I'd say we've done a good job migrating the look of the existing forums with the software of the new forums. A few text colors have subtly changed, but there's only one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb, this big green button. You'll see it on Monday, LOL. I haven't been able to find where to change its color yet. Perhaps Monday, when I next get together with Dave. Or perhaps at a later time. That will depend upon how many issues are uncovered on Monday. I ran into problems uploading our custom "emoticons" from the existing forums. I'll address that issue after the migration.

There's a new navigation bar that mimics the navigation bars of all the other sites you guys have accounts with. I like the new header, footer, and nav-bar design; they are nice and modern. The "posting" features of the new platform are very modern too, everybody is going to like them. There's a few new features I've included that members will have to give a try and decide whether or not they like them, such as the "clips" feature. We can delete them or edit them as needed. Folks who log-on from mobile devices will appreciate the fact that the new software is responsive, and accommodates various screen sizes.

Nothing is set in stone, this is just a new chapter in the life of a forums that's been around for 18 years.

They mean nothing at this time. Dave set that up prior to the migration. I disabled it once I became aware "member levels" were populating the field for member titles. The one you saw is one that slipped under my radar. I think I got it now. 

Member titles are something I'd like to automate someday ... if its possible; it wasn't possible on the Eve platform.

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