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Old photo. Reg is Done.

I built this bike myself. 1989 FXRS Modified to SP, and More.

Rode it to Work Everyday for 20+ Years. In Winter Torrential Downpours and Freezing Cold. Summer Temps 110F+. What a Pleasure to Leave, stop and go traffic behind.

For most days, I was the Only Bike on the Road. On Fridays there were Many Bikes in good weather. I split Lanes for 60 Miles from Hayward to Manteca. 1000's of 'Pissed-Off' Drivers out there!

I Put over 250,000 Miles on Her. I Know hard to Believe. I rebuilt the Engine Twice, Yes, It's pumped-up. The Odometer has Turned-Over Twice!!

All, My Idea, My Design of a Harley!

How fast can it go?? Fast Enough to go 'Air-Born' at the top of the Altamont, Heading Eastbound!!


P.S. If You look Close. You will see the Bike has Been Completely 'Weight-Stripped'! Smaller 65T Rear Pully = 80 MPH @ 2800 RPM in 5th Gear. Redline, Don't Know...4500? 5000? I stayed with the Small 39mm Carb, it can achieve 45 MPG.

"It Has the Torque of a 'Deisel Locomotive'!!"

I was once asked by a Dear Friend..."Why are there NO Decals for 'Harley Davidson' Anywhere On Your Bike??" My Reply..."If 'You' Do Not Know What it Is!! You Don't NEED to know What it Is!!"

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