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I think the agreed number of the USA GTS models is now 148, although previously it was thought to be 97 or 98.

A casual viewing of the photos appears to be correct for a GTS.

One of the subtle specifics to a GTS is the deck lids were painted in a very light metallic black. Many repaints miss that detail and just use a pure black  

I find it strange they did not include a photograph of the pedal box VIN number, as that is the definitive verification for a GTS.


One other subtle GTS difference is the gauges omit the De Tomaso logo and this car would appear to be correct. Blowing up photos looks to be VIN# 7162, which would corroborate with the Provamo registry entry and has  'GT' in the VIN.

As to 'originality' it has had a lot of work done, despite the 8,900 miles and was originally delivered as a silver/black car.

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I bought that car out of the John Belt collection in the Ozarks, a package deal. The Pantera w/the wing shown at Johns museum is the Senators car, also part of the 4 car package.

The mileage is true.  I sold that car at Mecum for a record price at that time, shown on stage, on the front page of our websight.

For further details on that car see out websight or contact Pantera Miami for details.

It's worth the $$$, I just sold a GTS last week for $179k, representing 15k more than he's asking.

Panteras are hot right now, we've sold 3 in 3 weeks. All record prices. Two more will leave in the next 2 weeks.

It is most probably a genuine US GTS, given the comments by Sharkey above. But a view of the chassis number on the pedal box is definitely required to make sure it is not another one very similiar to the one Sharkey had. Given that, there appear to be a number of things that are not original, so if that is what you are after you should do your due diligence and comb the Provamo registry to see exactly what it should look like, and read the description of what a US GTS Pantera is on that site. A quick glance at the photos you link to suggests the red paint is not the right color. Given that, I guess it has been resprayed, so the black parts are also probably wrong - as Sharkey mentioned. There are a number of different 'blacks' on a correctly painted GTS. The door mirrors are wrong. The De Tomaso plate on the rear cross member below the transaxle is not original. It has euro rear tail lights, blinker colour should be red for a US car. You need to check the steering wheel has a Ferrero signature cast/engraved into it and the leather is correct - glued on with join on the back side, a Momo prototipo looks almost exaclty the same, but without the Ferrero, and with stitched leather. Airfilter top should be chrome not blue. Gas dampers to hold the decklid up are not original. Looks like brake master cylinder has been changed since the reservoir is not original. As mentioned by the others it seems to have many of the other GTS specific details and a Ghia logo on the front bumper, although it does not seem to have the red background on the backing plate of the logo which it should have.

Cheers, Tim.

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