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I am trying to put the screen in the engine bay and my MSD 8477 distributor is too tall.  I found an old thread on this forum that talks about using a Chevy cap and rotor on the MSD 8477 to significantly reduce the height of the distributor. But there are not enough specifics in the old thread for me to understand how it is done.  Does anyone have experience with changing the MSD 8477 to a Chevy cap?

Here is the old thread.

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The crab cap above does not work with Panteras.  The two terminals on the left (pictured above) prevent adequate rotation of the distributor because they collide with the firewall.

I am going out a limb again and I ordered a Chevy cap (female) and rotor as described in the aforementioned thread from 2008.  The cap looks like it will need some minor modifications and it looks like the rotor is a correct fit.  



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I gave up on trying to get the MSD distributor to fit under the screen and went with a Duraspark distributor instead.  While it is much shorter than MSD, it barely fits with its wide cap and the rubber boots on the terminals nudge the firewall a little.  None the less, it is getting the job done.

It is nice to be closing out this posting.

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