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Hi George, 

I know that this creation takes long hours for programming aso but as a lot of other members comment... If we would come back to a more user friendly version I am sure a lot of members (including myself) will be happy. I am missing the overall view for selecting my favourites.

However we had this conversation already but I am also sometimes feeling lost, that's why I limited my activity in the forum. I know sometimes you have to follow the technologies but this is not always the best. May I am a bit old fashioned but I Christmas is around the corner and who knows, may santa will fulfill my wish.

But thanks for still working on the optimization 

Regards Marc 

My comments were all directed toward the changes since the forum platform migration. I think I made a handful of posts in 2018 that were just replies to other posts. Yesterday was my first attempt to do anything accept read the new posts on my landing page which I do frequently. As far as how the forum presents on different browsers, relative level of intuition, and ease of use between the current and previous platform, good people can disagree and still be good people.

So were members favorites threads preserved and if so how are they accessed?....Or were they lost.

Are the former gallery posts of members somewhere that can be browsed as a subforum or only searched by keyword/member name?



There is no special "archive" where certain content is set aside and stored apart from the active forums if that is what you're asking. Every single post remains exactly where it was located in the old forums.

Photo gallery posts, or photo albums, are located wherever they were previously located in the old forums.  The pictures came across jut fine, with two changes:

(1) they are no longer presented as a slide show, just a collection of attachments. The attachments are not embedded either.
(2) the picture captions were lost.

I have not come across a "favorites" or "add to favorites" feature. IF there is no current list of favorites, my guess is everyone's previous list of "favorites" was not carried over, i.e. lost in the migration. I shall ask the support group about this to make sure I'm not in error.  I have a sneaking suspicion the reply will be that you can use the "like" feature in the same way you formerly used the favorites feature. Your profile provides a couple of ways to retrieve a list of your liked posts & topics.


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There appears to be a new “feature” that in my opinion is not good to say the least. On my iPhone I must turn the phone sideways, landscape, to see the list of recent topics on the right side of the screen. The new feature seems to be that in landscape mode the post subject title is fixed in large font at the top of the screen which blocks a full 1/3 of the screen. That makes reading the forum very difficult. I now need to rotate the phone one way to see the recent topics and then the other to read the posts. Can you remove this feature? Please. 



Steve and all

We received this reply from Social Strata today:


Hi, George!

We did a hotfix today to fix some issues with the new release. Now, we'll no longer show the sticky header on small or medium grids, which means it won't show up on the iPhone or the iPad, or other mobile devices.


Please let me know about any other issues you may find.

Hi George

I find the new feature with the post subject title very irritating it is blocking half the screen if the title is a bit longer ! Its very unnecessary to have, it must be some computer nerd with very short memory  who has designed this! when you click  a post you must remember what it  was you clicked!?

I've installed the custom css code, the big fat topic headers are gone.

There remains these thick lines along the bottom borders of the forum category headers. More of a visual annoyance than any real problem. I've pointed this out to Dave (you guys remember Dave?) and let's see if he can fix that.

screen shot

Please keep alerting me to problems AND annoyances. Thanks.


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