Been taking inventory and havent been able to locate new screws for the door striker and door alignment cup.  I have scoured posts. I ordered replacements but they don't recess flush. Can anyone help?

(4), 8x30. 1.25. (13.5 phillips head).


(4) Phillips screws 6mm 1.0. 20mm (11.8-12 head)



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An electric drill and a std. countersink will put the screw heads wherever you want them but will also remove any plating on the striker. Note there's a LOT of room (relatively) between the door surface and the striker plate surface. Use modeling clay or multiple layers of masking tape to reassure yourself that a few thousandths of screw-head protrusion will not scratch up your door(s). Pantera bodies are NOT machined-to-perfection weldments.

Thanks RSS1  I have spoken to Dennis and Adam at length several times,  (great guys and very knowledgable.) .Had several parts shipped over the last few weeks , never thought to ask about screws.  must have been worried about the additional shipping weight LOL .

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