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I saw some of the fiberglass door panels at Wilkinson's shop.  The materials were impressive.  Maybe call or email Wilkinson to get advice on fitment to your car.

Not sure what an “impressive” fiberglass material actually is, but I think owners would really be impressed if they could buy something that…….actually fits……. when you take it out of the package.

sort of like owners would be impressed with clutch master cylinders that don’t self-destruct and thermostats that are actually correct for a cleveland engine.


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The door panels are just too far off, pretty close to 1" slop in any direction after the material was shaved from the corners.

to get them to work you would have to decide what edges you want touching the metal like the top and front, screw and mount it. Then shave for clearance. Then fill and relocate armrest and door handle holes.

you could also screw from the interior side I suppose.

I have a speaker hole on the passenger panel but saved the cut out.

if anyone is interested shoot me a message


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