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I have 12 volts going to the dimmer and 4 to 11 volts coming out. It's got be a ground. Marker,head lights,blinker lights and license plate light work. I guess they are on the #3 fuse circuit. I'm looking for the ground wires where you said and it's not making sense, Can you give me a clue? The bulb fixtures are insulated and not self grounding. It doesn't look like all individual gauges have there own ground.

...Only the alternator (idiot) light in the speedo should not be grounded...that bulb will glow whenever the generator and battery are very different in voltage. The alternator lamp has a special 2-lead socket...All other lamps are grounded thru the gauges to chassis...

(and btw, I am ever amazed the quality of wiring capture documentation there on the Pantera...awesome job)--Lee

John, thanks, I forgot that even on this thread it shows the turn signal light on Pantera (different for the Goose). Also see the answer on the Pantera Electronics sight that the LEDs -will- work in both those spots. But there is also a note "consult factory" for at least use in the turn signal, and maybe a special adapter...Overall, it may be simpler just to use old fashioned lamps in those places and use the LED for the illumination.-Lee

(and eager to see a PWM dimmer for the LED lamps )

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PWM dimmers are readily available from multiple sources. I purchased this unit during the reassembly of 2511 and have found it to be acceptable.

compared to the original dimmer this thing is minuscule and will fit just about anywhere, which was my motivation for the purchase

The gray portion at the back of the switch is a self vulcanizing rubber I used to encapsulate the wiring. I found it to be very thin and feared it to be overly susceptible to be damaged




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