My friend in Europe just found two Real GT5-S Panteras. Here is the information....

1) EUR 44.900 - 68,000 km, 380 HP, Year - 1988

2) EUR 57.000 - 2,500 km, 271 HP, Year - 1988

When I get more information, I will let you all know.

Secondly, What would the issue be of getting one of these into the U.S.?

Finally, thanks for all of the help. Pictures comming soon.


P.S. - If anyone else is ineterested in a GT5-S, let me know.
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I don't know how you are going to get in a car from that year, to the US, without DOT papers. And I imagine those would be damn near impossible to get for a car that was never crash tested for US importation (that's my understanding anyway).
Yes I just passed on a deal where a car was brought to the USA brand new ..actually 2 of them with no motors and trans and they had no MSO's .... this is the way to get those cars in the USA ...but and I say but ... once you get them her eand reassemble them .. probably and I;m no expert ..they would have to be registered as component cars. At least thats my understanding after 8 weeks of research and NYS DMV rules. A component car doesnt have to meet saftey or emisssions.

I think the issue is that you can get them into the US but if you want to title the car and register it with a DMV for use if it isn't 25 model years old or better it's gonna be no dice baby.

In NY, it is as Ron says, you need a title to transfer or a MLO (manufacturer's letter of origin).

In NYS, I believe that you possibly could register it as a home build car BUT in the past that meant that a Title would be issued stating that AND the STATE of NY would issue a chassis serial number and apply it.

There may be rural states that are less strict but as far as I know even if they are the car still needs to conform to US DOT requirements.

In the past some of the importers had other options.
It very simple ... go to the website for DMV of your state ... they explain it down to giving you a phone number to call... NYS has 2 people who will tell you exactly what you need. If you get to DMV months later and they will not register it use their name and call them and it gets settled right there and then. I called and found out exactly ..thats hwy I didnt make my purchase of a New 2006 AC MKV Prototype Cobra.
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