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Certainly there are options available from our vendors.

Good options available from SAAC

Kirk Evans used to offer a bolt-on replacement vented rotor:

And PPC Reno offers a Porsche Brembo rotor that's been re-machined to be a direct replacement on the Pantera.

And, there are the 66 Mustang rotors that folks have used. The Mustang  rotor is actually a little larger than the front OEM Pantera rotor, and the Mustang rotor is smaller than the rear OEM Pantera rotor.

Garth, Chris is looking for Mangusta brake parts.  

Chris, refresh my memory. Do you have a early or late car.  Rotors I am not sure but calipers are Girling so pads and caliper parts are available.

Cars have Girling CR up front (found on Aston Martin cars) and late cars have ORA on the rear (same as big block Cobra & Lister Jag)  early cars have Fiat-Girling 12/3 calipers.

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I commissioned John Freeth at Performance Braking on Monmouthshire  to make new front and rear discs for anyone interested. John is ex Girling race dept. Huge experience. I have them fitted to my own Mangusta and they fit perfectly. John has all tooling to make if he doesn’t have any in stock. Highly recommended both as a guy to deal with and his expertise as well as product.
also has pads for all specs

tell him they were brakes he made for Larry Tucker


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