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How's it going? I never heard how things went with the carb rebuild.

I wanted to comment about the floor jack, drive down the hill into Camarillo and go to Harbor Freight. They have anodized aluminum, 1 1/2 ton "racer" floor jacks, that are only 4" high when collapsed, for a very reasonable price. I bought mine for $90 clams in June 2004.

I also recommend you pick up a pair of their aluminum jack stands while you're at it, they're very reasonably priced also. I'll explain why I recommend this further down.

That's a Ford engine in your Pantera, you won't need metric tools to change the oil, everything related to the engine is good ol' SAE. The rest of the car IS metric however!

Put a chock (block of wood) in front of one of the front tires, position the floor jack precisely in the middle of the rear cross member at the back of the car, the one the anti sway bar is attached to, & raise the rear end. Place the jack stands on either side of the floor jack, under the same cross member, raise them as high as you can, then slowly lower the floor jack until the vehicle is resting securely on the jack stands. Then Rock N Roll.

Because the floor jack & 2 jack stands are relatively compact, they all 3 fit side by side under that crossmember, the use of larger jacks will possibly prohibit setting the jack stands on either side of the floor jack and still getting them under the crossmember.

Need any help, you have my phone number. I'll be out of town this weekend. (If I get over my cold)

Your friend on the PIBB & fellow resident of beautiful Ventura county, George
George, jiffy lube sounds good to me. I still need to buy a floor jack and stands to get a good look underneath. I had my carb rebuilt but the car still did not run right. I was told by two mechanics it was an ignition problem, it wasn't. I replaced the carb with a Edelebrock thunder series 650 cfm and a new fuel pump. Problem solved? Almost. The car ran well but would occasionally die under load. The carb was running out of fuel. One look at the fuel filter with the engine revved,bingo! The filter was sucking bubbles and running dry. The fuel lines were loose and cracked. Replaced, the car now runs strong and probably would with the 4300D carb. Chuck
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