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I believe my oil sending unit is starting to leak and curious if this is common or maybe I've misdiagnosed it.

I removed the Teflon tape and went with the Rector seal 5 thinking that maybe it was leaking around the threads.  Oil is still gathering in the valley as you can see in the pics.

I used my scope/camera to look under the intake and it doesn't appear to be leaking from the intake. 

I don't see the oil dripping when idling.  I can clean the oil up and go for a 15- minute drive come back and have a new puddle.

Any ideas?  If it is a faulty sending unit does anyone know the replacement part #?

I'm using the factory Veglia oil pressure gauge.




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Kind of rare (I've only had it happen once myself). Those senders are all cheaply made  and crimped together with some sort of internal gasket. Mine was squirting pressurized oil out the riveted-on lug! I would throw it away & replace with new but if you're obsessive about components, hose it down with rubbing alcohol, then when its dry, sprinkle it with a small amount of flour. Start the engine and run it only for a minute. A close look will tell you where the oil is coming from.

Note- with all gauges and senders that use screw-on electrical connections, you need TWO wrenches. One grabs the big nut bearing against the case and the other grabs the small one to tighten the wire against the big nut. Using only the small nut to tighten securely, you run the very real risk of pulling the guts of the gauge or sender apart, to make an 'open circuit'. It may not leak (gauges especially!) but it also may not work even if new.

Second caution- use ONLY TWO LAYERS of teflon pipe tape on all liquid senders. I've seen 6 or 7 layers used on some senders "to be sure it don't leak". Teflon tape is an insulator and if you use too many layers, the sender, which depends on grounding against the block to work, may not ground it's case. And again, you'll get an open circuit. Check all inop' senders with a grounded wire to its case before throwing away a perfectly good sender. Temp senders seem especially sensitive. My 2 cents-

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