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It was a great labor day weekend in Ottawa.

Russ (Toronto area) suggested we have a California-style Tech Weekend with lots of experts and cars and guys to make things go quickly. I said to him that I was buying the perfect place for it and if he would do all the organizing (which I can't do well) that I would host it at my new place which I moved into only weeks before our planned date. It was a mammoth task to get the place ready, the lifts installed, the beer coolers filled and food in the fridge, but in the end we were ready for people when they started arriving.

Flying in were Mike Drew and Lori Albino from California, Jon Haas and Vince (crazy blue GT5S) from Pennsylvania. Driving here were: John Christian from Detroit (9 hours drive EACH WAY!), Doug McIntyre all the way from Calgary WITH his Pantera (I can't remember how many days of driving that is, but around six or seven?), Richard, Russ and Fred (with his wife — our newest Members) from the Toronto area, David and Michel from Montreal, and of course the Ottawa guys: Me (and Yasmin), Andy, Denis and Bohdan. We were all very sad that Will was unable to make it at the last minute due to an urgent family crisis.

I was really worried the whole event would be a mess, but thanks to Russ's stellar organizing and the incredible efforts of Andy and Denis and David (it will take months to burn off the cinnamon-rasin-cream cheese French toast and sausage Sunday brunch) everything went very well. Having barely lived there a month, I was happy at how well my new home and garage accommodated such a large group. I was even more impressed with how tidy and clean everything was left afterwards. I had nightmare flashbacks of when my friends would come over to play with my Hot Wheels set as a kid. Invariably EVERY single connector, car and section of track would be spread over the entire house and five minutes to dinner my friends would blow out of the place leaving me to put it all away. Not this time. I even still have all the tools I started with (plus a couple extra bits and some folding chairs) — thanks guys!

Steering racks were rebuilt by Mike & Lori (with each owner helping out), headers were replaced (thanks Richard, Lori, Denis, Andy & Mike), drain holes were drilled, and thousands of miles of bad wiring was replaced with high-tech wizardry courtesy of Jon. Plugs were changed, carbs tweaked, timing set and so on. Lots got done and nothing got broken. It was three solid days of wrenching, eating and drinking and barely sleeping. It was easily the most fun I've had since the Rocky Mountain Rumble we did last fall. Perhaps it was because it was most of the same guys and we certainly get along like (better actually) family!

The only regret was that time and weather prohibited doing some driving tours, but we will make sure that we work some in next time we do this. Thanks again to everyone who travelled so far to help, and who came to participate. I think I speak for everyone there that it was a great experience for all of us.


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I vicariously enjoyed your weekend by seeing all the pictures and reading the captions. I am struck by the fact that the appreciation of these beautiful automobiles seems to involve a lot of people in my age group (58), as if we know a little secret that youngsters haven't discovered yet. Can you even imagine any of the current crop of sports coupes in 40 years? Will any of them maintain a consistent body style that was so ahead of its time that 4 decades later, it's as smart looking (smarter in my humble opinion) and contemporary as anything coming out of Italy, Germany, or Japan at any price. Great post!
Credit where credit is due--Doug drove a lot more than you think! Calgary is about 3500 km from Ottawa!

Also, Denis deserves the lion's share of the credit for how clean the garage was at the end of the event. He quietly hustled a broom around while the rest of us were BSing, and before we knew it, the place was spotless.

Thanks again for hosting such a super event!
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Thanks to Mark and Yasmin for hosting us in such fine style.

And thanks to Russ for making it all happen - convincing the talent to come and teach us a few new tricks. It was great that Mike, JC, Jon made the effort. We're thinking about a ride to PA to check out Jon and Vince's cats and show our US brothers that 6 hours cruising a Pantera is the best part of owning one!

Denis, Richard, Andy, Bohdan - everyone threw themselves into the process and its what makes our get togethers so much fun. Mark said it's a family and he's right. Team Pantera is really a team sport with everyone contributing.

Last weekend going to Will's in Toronto for Italian Car Day gave me a chance to scream thru highway traffic for 1200 km. Then this weekend another 400 km. Two great weekends and not one ticket. Unbelievable!

I just love long drives, bonding with my cat every weekend. So what are we doing this weekend?
6 hours cruising a Pantera is the best part of owning one

I only had a 3.5-4 hour drive, but the cool thing was that after driving for about 2 hours, it dawned on me that I'm driving a 38 year old car and not thinking twice about it's reliability, the thing just fires up and runs all day - and after Tech Weekend, I feel even more comfortable (with the improved steering - Thanks Mike! - and the P.E. Ignition Switch Controller - Thanks John!).

As for the rest of the weekend, J.C. brought Mark's unexpectedly dormant GT40 back to life and I finally heard it and saw it flying down the road first hand - WOW!!! The food was fantastic and if someone ever creates a 'Recipes' tab in the Forums, David has to document the french toast - hands down, the most decadent I've ever tasted.

Like everyone else, I am so impressed by how well everyone worked together and contributed to making this a successful weekend, and we shouldn't forget the work that Yasmin and Lori did behind the scenes to keep order around the house - they probably think we're a bunch of neanderthals. Although Lori did rip into a couple of projects on the cars herself.

I also echo the one 'misfire' for the weekend was not getting out on Saturday for a run when the sun was out - my new mantra for events will be "Drive when it's Dry, Wrench when it's Wet"

For some reason, David's fuel economy wasn't what it should have been for the weekend (no doubt the GT40 loved that high test gas!)

But he still had a huge grin on his face when he left

Michel's new LED running lights from Pantera Electronics look fantastic on his car

Mike working on the last steering rack of the weekend
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I can only express my gratitude for what was one of the most memorable events I have had the pleasure to be part of. Thanks goes to all involved.

First and foremost to Mark and Yasmin for opening their home to us and being such welcoming hosts;
To John, JC, Mike and Lori for their technical help, knowledge and wrench guidance;
To Russ, Andy, Denis and David for the organization, taking charge, etc.
To Richard, Michel and Claude just to see them again and ...
Finally to Doug, (who probably is on the road to Calgary as I write this) for being there to share '74 ownership stories.


P.S. One of the highlights was seeing David blast down the road, at first, the wrong way to Montreal. Then, to again see him thunder by, passing the house, at speed, headed in the right direction. The car always brings a grin to my face.
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What a great weekend!!
A huge thank you to all. Mark for opening up his house to all this chaos just a month after moving in. Andy, Russ, David, Denis for a stellar job of organizing and planning.
Lots of projects completed.
Lots of great help and advice.
Lots of terrific food.
Lots of great company and conversation.
Great to see old friends and meet new people.

A special thanks to J.C. who not only guided me through my personal car project but also brought all the supplies I needed. The stuff I brought would have been useless.

Thanks also goes to Will who put on an superb steak dinner for all of us follwing the Italian Car Day show in Toronto the weekend before.

Yea, it was a long drive. 8,376 KMS door to door, but I wouldn't have missed it.

Doug M
Seems he was a little busy

Yes, the blonde looks to be even higher maintenance than the average Pantera.

NPC: When I bought my first boat at age 45, some people asked why. I told them, that I was at that age where a man starts to do really stupid things. I had considered a mistress, but decided that a boat would be a lot cheaper and required a lot less maintenance Big Grin
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