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No I don't.

I know that there is an early red and a second red (Pantera Red #2). They are both all by themselves like Alfa Red, Ferrari Red, etc. Porsche Guards red is very close to the second color but just a hair lighter or brighter. With it at least you could standardize the color and get it for years to come pre-mixed.

The other colors are by themselves also. None to my knowledge are "batch" colors off the shelf. All were blended just for Detomaso.

Even the black out on the hoods of the GTS are unique for the time. Now metallic black is fairly common but it wasn't back then.


Silver was added for 74. Ditzler told me that they no longer have the records of the formulas but even if they did, the original paint was acrylic enamel like Ford used and it doesn't convert to the current systems, so you have to match it. That is going to give slight variations.

Factory mixed is always better and preferred.


I went through a lot of trouble to try to get the Pantera Red #2 but no one could find the formula for the color, so I'm taking my own advise and going with Porsche Guards Red.

warrenvictor posted:

… Do you have a chart for the 1973/1974 paint codes ...

The picture posted is a page from the orange "1971/1974 Pantera Parts Catalog". That page has two sets of paint codes. Those labeled 1971/1972 are "Pre-L" paint codes.  Those labeled "1972/" are L model paint codes. The L model was phased-in during the 1972 model year. 

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