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Originally posted by Camo:
Can't find any discussion about 345/40R17 tires in Pantera? Can they fit or are they way too chubby?

The answer is yes they will fit the GT5 flares you have, but it does depend on what wheel backspace/offset you have chosen and your shock spring/ride height. The stock wheel offsets will accommodate a 345 wide (I run 500 lb springs in rear).
Haven't got motivation for garagedays lately and it's been busy at work also.

Wrapped up the interior firewall today. The middlesection will be removable so you don't have to remove entire interior and rollbar if you need to get hands on the engine.
Bolted the rollbar on it's place. Also tried the shoulderharness on it's place.
Harness are yellow 5-point TRS. 4 inch shoulder and waist belts and camlock release.
The firewall interiorpanel is black leather and black alcantara in the middle. Yellow diamond stitching. Same pattern will continue in doorpanels and headliner.

My photobank is closed and I'll try to transfer the projectphotos to my new bank soon.

Right now I've had a couple weeks vacation and got something done at the garage.

Made some interior. New doorpanels made from 4mm plywood. Center black alcantara anr surroundings black walknappa leather.

Same thing for the headliner..

Alright. It's been a while again with the Pantera. Got myself a new stupid project with new apartment so the car will stay on hold for a while now. My first goal was to get it on the street this summer but let's face it. It will take another year atleast.

Well I can always buy stuff if there isn't enough time for the garage.
Some progress with the brakes. First I bought Mitsubishi Evo discs. Front 350x32mm and rear 320x32mm.
Today I received a package from Great Britain containing calipers. These are HiSpec calipers with EBC Yellow Stuff pads.

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