I search for a rust free Pantera for a friend.
he can do a little bit by his own- but please it should be rust free and mostly stock.
His budged is not to much about 50 000.-
please pm me, if you know something for him

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Repairing an engine by leaving it in the original configuration does not cost much and a car with a worn engine is not much cheaper.
Repairing a ZF is expensive and may be more expensive than changing a few pieces of rusty sheet metal.
Rust is THE problem of Italian cars of the 70s and those that are not are necessarily very expensive, but you never know, your friend can have a big stroke of luck
Originally posted by Sanford:
If he's in Baden (Germany), then he may be able to find a rust-free Pantera for 50K Euro (~$62K US). Wink

Not from US harbour, because $62k end up with €58k when you receive an pay customs and stuff.
50k Euro buy a $54k car in the US. Wink

And by the way, I thought I was responsible for bashing Pantera prices in the forum but now there is Peter. Wink
Originally posted by GT4Peter:
I know the budged from my friend is not to high. We found allready some cars for this money, but in verry rusty condition. Maybe there is a car with a engine or a gearbox failure for this money.


ZF gearboxes are dealt at 10k, no matter $ or Euro. Wink
I needed a gearbox to speedo transmission (not the cable) for the zf lately, 500 bucks... and so on.

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