For my PB I need :

1. Front bumper /broken / wich bumpers are aviable ?
2. Rusty Lower Front / I would like to buy all metal parts wich are aviable
3. Glasses from the front whipers / one broken / other missing and housing damaged
4.Missing cables and wires/ fuse box ?
5. Missing door mechanissmen for opening the windows and opening the doors.
6 Stabilizer clamp
7. All door hinges
8. Shifter and all pushrods to the gearbox
9. Pedals complete
10. PB Door Knobs
11. Windshield Gasket
12. Rear bumpers
13.License plate light
14. rear ZF mount / the part on the zf and a new bushing
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I bought 1006 from sauth africa

Isn't that 1060? The sidemarker openings on the early euro pushbuttons were not welded shot, as the fenders were not originally stamped for the openings from the factory. That was introduced with the first US pushbuttons from #1286, I think.

1006 is BTW yellow and located somewhere in the US

Are you sure the parts went missing in transport? Did you view the car and/or not get detailed photos prior to shipment, to make a claim?

The ad photos to show condition are on the registry under #1060. That's a big project and the early PB's had a lot of unique parts.

Contact Johnny Woods in the UK for the front valance and metalwork.

Good luck!
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I sent you a private message. No response.

I need your direct email to send photos of sheet metal you may need.

Forum photo size limits prevent quality photos being sent here.


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