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I have been getting "problem loading page" for the last couple days. I send time running cleaner and clearing histories, and it really dosen't seem helpfull. when I do get site to load, I am logged out. It did seem like if I log out before closing page, I can come back. But not too sure of that

has there been any changes to the site in the last couple days or is it all with my computer/service

wish me luck seeing any replies
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Hi Joe

No changes have been made. The forums load very fast for me. They load faster than just about any other destination on the net. "Slow loading" is something that bothers me, something I'm sensitive to now. We're not running anything in the background that would slowdown the page opening for you. No data harvesting, no cookie collecting, nothing. No advertisements, no fancy graphics or audio (like we used to do).

The first thing to do is reboot your computer and try again. The second thing to try would be a different web navigator. I usually select internet explorer, which operates just fine.

I don't use a portable device, so I can't comment on that regard. Debbie monitors the portable device situation. But I do have to reboot this personal computer from time to time. The computer I'm using is stilling running Windows 7, necessary because our website software, Micro Soft Front Page, is not compatible with Windows 10. So until Deb upgrades the Website software, we can't upgrade this computer to Windows 10.
when I say "problem loading page"...that is the screen error message I get.
I have been unable to load this site again this AM. I clear history, rebooted and unable right afterwards.
it just seems to be random when I can get through

I am using FireFox, but I also tried IE. I even tried a backup computer. with the same problem.

I tried those sites that checks to see if a site is up or down and the results come back that this site is down

the world wide web is spooky!
About the last week have been having trouble getting into several different sites.
When I click the short cut for Pantera International forum I get DNS error or no internet connection. The only way I could get "in" was to click "saved copy" on the failure page and once "in", clicking on a topic, it would sign me in and could navigate. Before the complete melt down , this site did not want to load the picture of the proud owner.
I run Windows 7 , Chrome browser and Norton AV.
This morning was offered a Adobe Flash Player up date and things seem back to normal.
Don't know if that will help any one else.
I've reported the issue to the Forum Provider (Social Strata).

Debbie tested both her iPhone (an Apple device) and her laptop (Windows 10) both loaded the forums with no trouble. To navigate to the forums Debbie navigated first to the website and then used the link on the website home page.

The address of the website is is no longer supported, it won't forward (re-direct) you to the correct address.
Here is Social Strata's reply:


Hi George,

We are unaware of any issues with your site, and we've not seen any issues with uptime or availability (as we monitor our services around the clock to ensure uptime and availability). We also haven't heard any similar reports from other customers, so it may be isolated to your site.

It looks like most of the posts reference generic messages about pages not loading, but not any specific messages. It would be useful if you could get the members to provide specific details, including any (or all!) of the following:

•The exact error message displayed in the browser. A screenshot would be great!
•The URL in the address bar of the browser when the error is displayed (which could be included in a screenshot).
•The exact time of day (and time zone) that the issue occurred.
•When the issue occurs, does it happen on all devices and browsers? It's always helpful to try another device or browser when this kind of problem occurs to try to identify commonalities (or lack thereof).

Finally, I saw that you also referenced, which is not a site that we host. Is it possible these users are having issues with a different site (not the Eve community)?



Any detailed information you folks can provide shall be forwarded to Brian at Social Strata.

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