Just in case someone is interested,,,,

RCR GT40 #14


RCR Aluminum Monocoque Chassis
RCR Billet Aluminum suspension
RCR full roll cage
AP Racing brakes
RCR stainless steel brake lines
Willwood brake/clutch master cylinders
adjustable balance bar
RCR spec sway bars
15"X8" /15"X10 BRM wheels (Hoosier TD tires)
17"X 8"/ 17"X 9.5" BRM wheels (Hoosier R6 tires)
QA1 Coilover shocks ( two sets Race /Street)
Hyperco 550#/ 400# springs( Race)/ QA1 400#/400# (Street)
Optima red top battery
2380# curb weight

RCR GT40 Mk1
Original style rear tail lights
Two hood inserts (painted and striped )
Hartswell type body latches
Aluminum door "eyebrows"
Windveil Blue paint
White stripes and roundels .( vinyl / removable )


SVO NASCAR dry sump 9.2" deck block
Yates cylinder heads ( port work by Robert Yates Racing)
Titanium valves
T&D shaft rocker system
Ross custom dished pistons(11.2:1 compression ratio)
Carillo connecting rods
Sonny Bryant lightweight crankshaft
Weaver Bros 5 stage dry sump oil pump
SVO high rise single plane intake manifold
Custom solid roller camshaft
Roller camshaft bearings
Ernie Elliot NASCAR valve covers with valve spring oilers built in
1 7/8" custom exhaust with 3" "race" X-pipe and Magnaflow 3 1/2" mufflers for street use
MSD 6 series ignition
MSD billet distributor
High torque mini starter
670hp 520 lb/ft on pump gas

Cooling system:

RCR aluminum radiator
Meziere electric water pump
Canton tank
transfer pipes ceramic coated and thermal insulated
NASCAR remote thermostat housing

Fuel system:

Pro Systems custom HP carburetor
Aeromotive A-1000 fuel pump
Holley "black pump"( transfer left to right )
Aeromotive bypass regulator


Custom aluminum steering wheel center with proper FORD GT center emblem
RCR Ultraswede seat covers
RCR Classic Instrument gauges (Speedometer,Tach, Oil pressure,Oil Temp, Water Temp,
R&L Fuel level)
Custom aluminum center console with reverse lockout on shifter


ZF -2 built by Dennis Quella (Pantera Performance )
Kennedy bellhousing
Mcleod aluminum flywheel
Mcleod Twin disc clutch
External slave cylinder
RCR cable shift
RCR u-joint driveshafts

Priced for immediate sale @ $76,000



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Original Post
Originally posted by 4NHOTROD:
Beautiful car, Ron. Wish I had the space.

Wish I had the cash.
Anyone on the fence about a GT40 should get off and check out Ron's car. It is spectacular and built amazingly well.

Ron, I'm sorry to hear you are moving on. I hope it's for a new project.



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Beautiful car and one I would seriosuly consider, but alas it has come a little early for me.

For a couple reasons I made a consious decision to sell my current GT40 and purchase a later version and was thinking of a CAV as they have the best headroom. Ron's RCR is most definitely a lot of car for the money, but there is still some work to do on my current 40 to get it to a saleable condition.

First off beautiful car.

This may be a silly question, but This is a replica ??
if so what year is on the id plate ?
I ask because we have some interesting rules for older cars.
Just tossing around some ideas !!

Beautiful car! Wish I had the cash and the room in the garage! Best regards with the sale and your next project.

Originally posted by FrankBarba:
Ron...Please email additional pix to FrankBarba@aol.com is car is still available.

E-mail sent!
I have also installed Air Conditioning to the car since I last posted info about it!

Hi my name is Chuck Merken I thought I would take fly and see if you would be interested in a trade for my 1996 47' Fountain Lighting. My boat is in AS NEW CONDITION and has always been stored inside and professionally maintained. I am running triple 525SC stock unmolested Mercury Marine Bulldogs. The boat is sitting on NEW all aluminum 11" I beam trailer, triple axel with electric disc brakes. I would like to send you photos of the boat. I am located in Temecula Ca and the boat is in enclosed storage in Dana Point Ca. This is the top of Fountain's line up, there are only 2 other 47' Lightings on the West Coast one is owned by Dennis Rodman and the other is owned by Tony Robbins.

Boat tops out a 80mph, the shower, head, stove, refrigerator have never been used and the forward queen bed has never been used.

Chuck Merken 951.805.8668


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One more thing....I have the boat for sale at $110,000 which is a very low price this boat with only 300 hrs. The boat sells new for 500k
Originally posted by speedchangesyou:
One more thing....I have the boat for sale at $110,000 which is a very low price this boat with only 300 hrs. The boat sells new for 500k


Thanks for the offer but I really have no use for a boat . It looks like an awesome one though!

Originally posted by A Hudson:
Congratulations... I think! The new owner is sure to enjoy. What's next on your list?


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Originally posted by v8capri:
cool, I have a drag version of that.
95 stang, 331 windsor, runs low 8's at 170 mph !

Sweet! Lets see some pics!
Originally posted by Mark M:
Nice AI car you running it in the series or just track days

I'm working on my NASA Comp lisence at the moment. I hope to compete in AI next year!
I'm goint to the track for the first time with the car on Saturday! I am goint to try to do a Time Trial event later this year also.
Nice # also!! Wink

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