Sure this is the millionth time, but what is the recommendation for tire size on stock Campi rims?... I've seen 295/50 15 rear and 245/? ? front?
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Kaveman, on my 74 i have bf goodrich front 205/60R15 rear 255/60R15.These are the only tires that i know of that come close to matching the size of the original tires. The down side is these tires are only rated at 112 MPH. #7260
I have 225/50 front and 275/55 rear on stock 7" front and 8" rear.
The rolling diameter is pretty close to the original 185/70 and 215/70 tyres and they look ok.
They are pirelli p-zero front and p7 rear.
I've seen 285s on the 10" rears, and those look good.
But those sizes are hard to find now...
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