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Yes this is the a summary total of what is in the registry, by group.

Some examples:

Of the 401 Mangusta built, the registry has data on 309.

309/401 = approximately 77%

Of the 150 USA Pantera GTS made, the registry has 132.

132/150 = approximately 88%.

Of the 41 Pantera Si there is data on 35.  35/41 = approximately 85%.

Like any data set in statistics some adjustments need to be included.

I think there is a 'test' entry.  It might be a Mangusta, so the number would go down by 1.

A couple of owners have entered there car under two different VINs.

If the second VIN did not already have content, it might be a duplicate, thus inaccurately increasing the number of cars in the registry by 1.

Take the GT5 model, your nom de guerre, the registry has data on 148 cars.

148/ ??? (total produced) = ? %

We really do not know for sure exactly how many were made.  Much has been discussed about this, and George Pence and others have done a great job mathematically reducing the likely range of total cars produced by model.

So run your own calculations.

If I get more time for creating statistics...

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There is a discussion of the total production numbers of the different variants of 9000 series Panteras, as well as a great analysis by George Pence of the GT4, Gr3, GTS/4, GTS, GTS/4  variant evolutions, on the following thread:

By my count the maximum possible number of GT5-S Panteras that could have been produced is 183 as opposed to 197 for the GT5.


That number is a bit out of sequence, which is why I asked for a photo,

versus just "What is the number ?"

So with your photo I can explain the GTS numbers.  Unless you have already

determined your answer from your own registry research.

This is a good time to remind others, if you want my reply on your "numbers"

(block, ZF, BSN, build date, etc...) include photos of your ID plates and VIN numbers.  Otherwise we are only speculating. 

I've had about 1/3 of owners get their own VIN wrong... typos, miss reading etc...

So I am speaking from vast experience! 




Yes you can send a message directly to me... that is called a Private Message (or PM) on this resource (PI Board).  Anyone can also reach me via the DeTomaso Registry. 

Anyone can reach me vie direct e-mail to: 

When anyone sends a photo (as an attachment, please), use 

as this is the fastest way to get a reply.

Mike, I suggest you use when you send the attachment.


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