There are very few replacement rocker panels that have the correct curvature, I would be wary if manufacturing source cannot be verified.

Johnny Woods in the UK and Kristian Poulsen were sources for correct panels, there's also an old Italian craftsman that sells on eBay who has good feedback, but I have no personal experience of his quality (antonio4227).;item=223364022507

See thread below;

Regarding the Rockers that Julian posted up...

I am about 99% confident that they are made by the business below.

The AZ POCA crew took a tour out there, and here's a write-up.  Some of this came from his brochure, but....  He does awesome work.

 Antonio‚Äôs Metal Craft
1870 E. 3rd Street Tempe, AZ 85281-2944

 When I checked the link to the pictures in the thread I linked above, it worked for me, but I don't know if that's the permissions or not.  I hope you can see the pictures.

Pix From Antonio's Metalcraft


Just an observation from the e-bay pics---they do not appear to have the compound shape needed to fit the car correctly. The bottom lip gets smaller at each end as well as the top of the rocker under the door, front fender and quarter panel. The bottom ends have a radius that roles into the bottom lip---not squared off. No drain divots in the bottom.

 Picture 1222Picture 1223Picture 1224Picture 1225

You should be able to see the differences with these pictures. I am not trying to poke at someone's work, these are just observations from the pictures supplied on ebay. 


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