There is a vendor who posts on EBay Motors who sells them at a reasonable price. Just search for "Pantera" and you will find his listings. I bought a pair from Larry Stock at PPC Reno as part of a large order, and omitted to ask the price. When they arrived, I almost sh*t myself when I saw the invoice. They were over $300!
Those little round marker lights were on a lot of Euro cars.

Red and amber. Clear too, I think.

If you want the DeTomaso original, try a vendor and take your wallet.

I see the more generic ones - heck, they may be the same as the vendors sell - on the European eBay sites all the time.

If you can wait, I'll post a link next time I come across them. They are FAR from $300, I think they are more like $15-25 apiece.

You are prepared for body work - welding, etc., right?

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