Does anyone make round molded ratchet/socket set cases to fit in the spare tire cut outs of the new cars?

I've been looking and so far no find.
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I haven't seen exactly what you're looking for, but Mercedes and VW had spare tire tool boxes. You might check your local wrecking yard or ebay for a Mercedes box, or you can order a reproduction VW box to cut up and create your own molded socket/ratchet insert. These boxes were used in Porsche 356's as well.

VW Round Box Toolbox

Pre-94 Mercedes 500E version:

Here's one on ebay - $90 BIN:

Frankly, it just looks like a styrofoam insert. I imagine you could go down to TAP Plastics and pick up some kind of foam/polyurethane molding kit and make your own insert (pour into a cake pan of the right diameter, cover with plastic wrap, and start sticking your sockets and ratchets in any layout you desire).

The Hyundai Elantra uses a molded spare tire insert to hold the jack and associated tools. Again, carve it out and make your own insert. $239 new - ebay or your local wrecking yard would be the place to start.

Saab had a similar molded spare tire insert for their jack and tools as well - this one was for sale for $40 on a Saab forum a few years ago.

Looks like the Honda Civic Si had a similar spare tire molded jack & tool kit.

VW Passat Molded Spare Tire Tool Kit - $47

Generic Round home tool kit - $69
Throw out some of those crappy home tools and dump your favorite socket set in there!
Well, sure, those are what created the idea?
Unfortunately I don't have the ability to vacuum mold them.

The answer is it probably is only a matter of time before someone sees the opportunity to market them? Maybe next week?

Better yet, if you are going to dump the spare tire that goes in the molded in spot in the trunk tray, then the empty spot yearns for something to fit in it?

Extrapolating on the above thoughts is what I'm doing and presuming that someone else has beat me to the punch but I haven't found their product yet?

That location seems like a logical location to put a tool box to me? Especially with a DT logo on the top?

As far as what you posted, I would only go for the hat box if it was pink. Maybe purple?
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Thanks, Garth. There's a lot of good ideas in there. I appreciate the time you took to post up those pictures.

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