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Hi all,

I’m in the process of restoring my Pantera from 1974 after had it standing for 6-7  years since I bought it. Already got amazing help on head light problem from the forum, I what to hear if anyone have tried to restore their original seat belts? Is it possible? Would like to keep as much as possible original.
Or perhaps there existing a company who restores old seat belts?

Thx in advance.




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As with a number of Pantera issues, the answer is 'Yes, but....' Larry Stock at Pantera Parts Connection rebuilds shattered latch buckles, but your 49-year-old OEM cloth belts need an extremely close inspection for frays or any other damage before reuse. The Navy tests (or used to) aircraft seat belts on a 5-year schedule using a hydraulic ram that subjects the belts to 125% of spec. load. During this, a 3" wide belt will elongate some 4 inches before recovering. They reportedly test shoulder harnesses too, but I've never seen that done.

Cosmetically, I've had good experience by taking a stock but dirty Pantera seat belt and dropping it (buckle and all) into a sonic cleaner with some dishwasher soap & warm water. After 20 minutes or so, I let them drip-dry overnight. They came out looking new! Cross-shoulder straps should react the same. I think there are (or were) shops that rebuild belts using new cloth and rebuilt hardware, but in today's litigious climate where kids sue their parents, that's a Google question.

Just had My Seatbelts Rewebbed in the Stock Configuration with a Color change on My 73. The Retractor's and Buckles were in good shape, but the belts were a little Ragged. The Company I used was They are in Edmond, Ok. I talk with Chris Rollins 405-736-0088 Good Communication and Fast turn around.

Hi all, :-)

Thanks alot for the nice inputs, it for sure appreciated.

bosswrench, with my seat belts the problem is that the webbing is game over, can be seen on the picture I attached of one of the seat belts. And the other seat belt has even worse webbing, unfortunately. So cleaning won't be enough unfortunately. :-/

stevebuchanan, the seat belt on my are not as simple as your on the pushbutton. If only they where, then it would be easier. Mine have the dual retractor setup, so that's also why I doubt I can do it myself, so some experts are probably better. :-)

Besides that, your looks very nice now! :-)

cuvee, Aha, thx,, those sounds very interesting. I'll try to reach out to them. :-) . Only downside is I'm located in Denmark in Europe, this always makes these things more complex and expensive when it has to be send to US. (if only I lived in US!! )

Once again thanks for all the answers.



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