Well, It has been a year with no construction. I wanted to make a place for 1362 to be safe from overspray and the bodyshop area. I have built a 1000 foot two story garage apartment. Downstairs, we have a heated slab and a laundry room. Upstairs is a 500 ft lounge and bedroom for my wifey. she snores and I fart so we have to sleep in different rooms. I put myself in a 14 x 16 bedroom upstairs too. I added a full bath right over the one below and use the same plumbing!


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Bill, You have to stop building...you are going start having streets named after you.
Looks great!
It's nice to see someone is doing well in this crap economy! Keep up the good work!
I have been blessed...... they just keep wreckin'.. cell phones, old ladies, repeat customers. Remember, No matter the economy, people will wreck cars, and the insurance will pay, if they blow all their money, the gov bails them out!..WORD I should have known years ago.. "stop loss order" I feel the pain too., Sometimes it is like starting over.
Boy...that gives a hole new meaning to the term "heated Garage" when the bottom of your tires are warm all Winter....great work, keep showing us more....Pappy
Billy. You outta' control boy! I'm really glad that you're doing this well. Maybe it's time for me to move outta' here? I'm a contractor there just isn't any work here.

Oh well. Way to go dude!
Maybe it's time for me to move outta' here?

I been telling you that for years now Doug. Just move to Tennessee and the rest is easy.
I added about 6 more pics. All I have left is sand and clear the floors, clean up the mess, add handrails at the stairwells. install the step treads. Move in!
I cant belive it... It has been a year to the day since I posted. I've been adding more. I came back to this post on the exact day.. 2-3 years later. Amazing how time works............. Bill 1362
Originally posted by A Hudson:
Looking great Bill. The real question is, have you painted a car in the Garage Mahal yet?
Adams, I paint em' everyday baby. They just keep wrecking, cell phones, kids textin' deer. Now we have uninsured parking lot damage that you have to have coverage for. This new area is for my living space while paint is drying. Full time job... Bill Cool
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 Always remember getting older is much better than the alternative   😉

 Best to you and yours in 2020 👍🤗


Oh for the lifestyles of the rich and famous? Next you'll have a private lake and boat garage for your yachts?

I just had a deer incident. "We" are still looking for the deer's insurance company. I have to chase his estate since he is now deceased.

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