Just proves again, a high end auction is no place to buy a car where you're going to pay a premium for the atmosphere which is NOTHING. Many near original examples selling for $100ish.

amazing that the car sold at the NY icon auction 12-2017 for $145600 and just sold again for how much $145600. Sure it sold

Wow, low mileage. I suspect it will probably remain hidden in some collection to retain the low mileage and $ value unless the owner doesn't care. But that's ok, some cars need to remain hidden away and looked at while some need the hell driven out of em.

I was at Amelia Island auctions last week/weekend and reviewed this car in detail. Was a good example of a 73 and glad the car sold for what it did. Also watched a 91 Si sell at Gooding & Co. Amelia Auction for $320K. High end auctions are good for setting the bar on climbing Pantera values. 

That was a nice example! Very well prepped in the pictures I saw. Not 100% stock from what I saw, but makes me think that maybe the McLaren Orange cars (like mine) hold a good value! As I recall one of the other high sales was a 72L or 73L in the exact color, very original sold for $230,000 (please correct me if I'm wrong).

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Yes, the car was pretty much stock except for updated carb / manifold. Color very nice. The only other Pantera I saw at Amelia was the 91Si which was excellent and sold for the $320K. Believe they only built around 50 that year and close to last year of production, unfortunately.

They only sold 38 Si's in total (all years), an additional 2 were used for crash testing. It is the rarest of all renditions, unless you count the targa's as a separate sub group, then they are rarest.

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